New Year is coming with many new things like blessings, fun, happiness and I hope you will enjoy this event. Good morning beautiful people its New Year Christmas Eve 2017. You can share & send to your friends etc.. Happy New Year.



Good Morning

Beautiful people

It’s The Last Day

Of The Year!

Happy New Year

   christmas Eve


New Years shouldn’t

Be the only time you

Resolve to do better.

Strive to be the best

Version of you every

Single day.

Happy New Year Eve


A New Year Is, Unfolding

Like A Blossom With

Petals Curled Tightly

Concealing The Beauty Within,

Happy New Year Eve.


New is the year;

New are the hopes;

New is the resolution;

New are the spirits;

And new are my warm

wishes just for you.

Have a promising

And fulfilling New Year!

Happy New year


Yor are the reason

Behind my smile and

Add to my joys by being

Beside me on this New

          Year Eve 2017


Everything which inspires you,

Everything which means most 2 you,

Everything that makes you smile &

Brings you joy

I wish for you in the New Year Eve.


Happy New Year Eve

This year belive in your self

And achieve everything

You deserve.


Happy New Year Christmas Eve

This year would not have been very

Easy without you around…

Thank you for always being there

               My ……


The countdown has begun and

It is the time to welcome the

New Year with a fresh mind and

Heart. Have a rocking

Happy New Year Eve!









A Relaxed Mind,

A peaceful Soul,

A Joyful Spirit.

A Healthy Body &

Heart Full Of Love.

  All these are

my prayers for you.

Happy New Year Eve


Happy New Year Eve


Cheers to a new year and

Another chance for us to

            Get it right…


        As the new year

Renews all the happiness

        And good tidings….

     Hope the joyful spirit

            Keeps glowing

        In the your heart….




This New Year may all your

Troubles vanish like magic.

May you reach out to great glories

And achieve all that you desire

Happy New Year Eve 2017


New Year Christmas

May this year be more promising than

The yaer before! Spread the happiness all

Around you! It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas

To you and your family!


        Best friends are

The apple pie of desserts.

    They already beat out

       All the competition.

          Merry Christmas


   Never worry about

     The size of your Christmas tree.

         In the eyes of children,

      They all are 30 feet tall……..


A Christmas candle is

  A lovely thing;

It makes no noise at all,

  But softly gives itself



Christmas waves a

Magic wand over

                                                           This world, and

Behold, everything

Is softer and more



May your home be warm

    Your holidays grand,

May heart be held gently

     In the lord ‘s hands

        Merry Christmas


Hope your holiday season

      Is fun and festive.

Merry Christmas

                 My Dear!!!


      I pray on Christmas

Oh, the sick will soon be strong

       I pray on Christmas

    The Loard will hear my song

         I pray on Christmas

     That God will lead the way

And I pray I really pray on Christmas

  He’ll get me through another day

              Merry Christmas


May your life be colourful,

Magnificent, the shimmering

 And joyful – as the magic of

  Christmas spreads on you!

            Merry Christmas


      Lets welcome Christmas

With fresh and new thoughts of hope

      Lets cherish each moment

      As a blessing of inspiration

        Merry Christmas friends


Oh, for the good old days

When people would stop

Christmas shopping

            When they ran

 Out of money.


Christmas May Be Many Things

           Or it May Be a Few

For You The Joy Is Each New Toy

       For me it’s Watching you

          Happy Christmas 2017


        Merry Christmas Eve 2017

              At This Time Of Year

           I am Grateful For Family

               Friendship & Love

     Thank You For Being A Part Of

               My Life.


       Merry Christmas

    May your Christmas and

     Every day ahead

    Sparkle with happiness

    And new surprises!


I am dreaming of white Christmas;

 With ever Christmas card I write.

May your days be merry and bright;

And may all your Christmases be white.

                Merry Christmas Eve!


May The Sweet Magic of

 This Festival Glad Your

  Heart And Fulfill Your

           All Desires.

  Merry Christmas Eve


Search for santa

And make him visit

Your home and

Grab your gift on

The Christmas Eve

Have a happy and

 Joy Christmas.


A lovely Christmas greetings

      For a lovely person

From a lovely heart in a lovely

          Way to spread

   Love in this special seson

    Have a Lovely Christmas